Saturday, June 04, 2005

malacca trip..part 2

Location: the crystal shop, jln tun tan cheng lock, malacca
Aura Analyst/Healer: Diane from Canada

Summary of my aura Analysis:

1. I have great potential.
2. I am entering a time of regrowth.. I can venture into anything and be successful..
3. I have so much love..which i've been giving to others.. i need to learn to love my own self more..forgive myself...
4. I have them..
5. Learn and keep learning..
6. healing powers..
7. connection with the universe..
8. don't be afraid of those people..they're just jealous and don't know how to handle you...i'll be sailing right past them..
9. speak the truth with wisdom..
10. meditate..

Conclusion: Great improvement.. must keep working on self..

i love my colorful rainbow aura!! :D


Bvlgari046 said...

where is this place? and how much is it? thinking to drive down to melaka this weekend to visit relative and might be a good idea to check the place out.

azrina said...

it's in bandar hilir. go along jonker's walk and find jln tun tan cheng lock. walk along until you find the crystal shop. u can't miss it. outside the shop, there is a sign advertising foot reflexology service and medition classes. if i'm not mistaken, the shop is no.64.. can't confirm cuz i'm currently undergoing training away from home. hope u can find it;) cheers!

raggedyanne said...

have u tried aurasoma? saw an article in Star about it last sunday. Sounds interesting

azrina said...

aurasoma? in the star u say? i'll be sure gotta check it out:D