Wednesday, June 01, 2005

miracle balls and aura pictures

i've been working on my miracle ball for nearly everyday now.. but i still can't decide which particular position works well on me.. so i've been doing it all. the most uncomfortable being 'ball under ribcage' and i was already warned not to continue with any threatening positions. today i shall do 'ball under hips'.. then i need to start packing for Malacca!

i only chose to vacation in Malacca for one particular reason. there's this crystal shop there that provides aura picture taking service. after your aura pic is snapped, a detailed explaination of it will be given by this old chinese lady.. i think she's psychic. she doesn't speak malay nor english so there's this red-indian looking guy who translates everything for her. nevertheless, she's very kind and provides great health tips. i wonder if that shop is still open.. it's gotta be! the last time i visited that place was in september 2003.. i remember first time walking into that shop and feeling slightly uneasy at the site of all these 'tok kongs'.. but i went in anyway cuz i was anxious to take my very first aura picture.. it turned out splendid with rainbow colours! i'm supposed to be blessed with sixth sense or something. but i needed to do alot to polish it up.

my second aura picture was taken some time in march 2004. but the results were disappointing. it was done in this way too commercialised crystal shop in midvalley.. even the explanations of the picture were given in a hurry and to make it worse the person who provided the details was young, inexperienced and less knowledgable. i assume they have a market strategy which is to' make more sales by prescribing expensive crystals to people with troubled auras'. so that's why i have to take my annual aura picture in malacca..

i hope my aura has improved. it was firey the last time cuz i was under great pressure and unhappy at my old workplace.. things are way better now.. and my understandings of our marriage has increased from reading sherry argov's bestseller! wicked book;)

i feel so very thankful for my mere existence...

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