Friday, May 13, 2005


i share my room at work with this girl called azza. she's been working here way longer than me n is still single.. our desks are separated by a partition but still, we often invade each other's privacy.. for some reason, most of the time i can't seem to relax when she's in the room. and she too for probably the same reason has requested that another partition be put between us. oh well, i guess it just takes time to adjust.. it's like having a new roommate.. except we already knew each other from the old office building but had single occupant rooms back than..

also, for some reason i've been treating her ratherly unkindly though not on purpose.. my actions and words are spontaneous. i can't help it! and it makes me feel so guilty afterwards.. oh azza.. i'm so sorry!! but then again, she probably didnt notice cuz if i gather she did not actually react.. but nevertheless, i must be careful, to always think before i act.

to be truthful.. azza is actually an admirable person.. she's confident, assertive and knows her job in and out.. she has great PR skills and is great at addressing a large audience.. she should have become a PTD long time ago.. guess everything happens for a reason..

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