Thursday, May 12, 2005

long dreadful meetings..

tiring day at work.. had to sit in freezing, suffocating meeting room the whole morning, taking minits for the bosses.. uurghh.. my body felt so stiff and back hurts from long hours of sitting.. mind feels numb from having to concentrate on the ping-ponging of conversations, some of which i don't even understand but am forced to record. i have two more weeks of this to bear with. although i feel relieved after every meeting, the real hard work starts right after - having to decipher the snitch and snatches of conversations, which piecing together takes time and patience, and is exhausting, not to mention troublesome..

other than that..i feel happy n contented enough today..looking forward to good read and restly sleep.. catch ya later!! (gah..forget it, who actually reads my blog?)

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