Thursday, March 24, 2005

it's been ages..

since i last updated my blog.. have been away for an induction and was on leave recently cuz of hubby's telescopy.

the induction was great fun though it didn't start off like wise.. but then, after getting to know the people and making new friends i began to enjoy myself. u have to remember that i've been starved for human company at my work place.. it's good to finally meet like-minded people (in the sense that we think alike cuz we're all new). we had classroom sessions, team building, UKJK (Ujian Kecergasan Jasmani Kebangsaan - basically it's a test to determine our overall physical strength), and talks. on the nite before parting ways, we even had a karaoke session. it's surprising how alot of them could actually sing! i had a go myself with a cute partner who mistakenly thought that i was still single! aargh.. how awkward it was when he found out!! but i had to tell him eventually.. poor guy..

my hubby was admitted at the putra jaya hospital (day care) yesterday for a telescopy.. he had gastritis and hernia (which was discovered after the scope).. according to my dearest, the doctor had to put a tiny camera and tube thru his mouth, pass his throat and into the stomach. they only gave him anesthetic at the mouth regent but he could feel the whole thing go down his throat and he actually felt like crying and puking during the procedure! if only i had entered the operation room i would have held his hand the whole time. but i stayed outside, shivering in the waiting area..

that nite, i snuggled up with him to watch a romantic movie.. i'm not telling which movie..all i can say is that will smith is such a gentleman!


ratna said...

Iya rina, ni ratna kawan shidi.

azrina said...

hi ratna! apa khabar? harap semuanya ok.. usah stress slalu;) hehe.. terima kasih atas hadiah kahwin..kami dah pun guna..cantik skali! pandai ratna pilih:D