Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

I must admit, the above book by Dan Brown is undoubtedly the best book i've read this year! Apart from it's thrilling scenes, there's alot of facts to be learnt from the book. amazing stuff i never knew to be true and find hard to believe.. Nabi Isa married Mary Magdalene?! Hmm..have to look up Islamic religious books.. what's Mary Magdalene's Arabic name anyway? Also, the scenary and places he described in Paris and London, all of which i've actually been to! it brings me back down memory lane.. now that i think about it, i only have a vague memory of seeing the Mona Lisa.. all i can remember are the post cards of paintings i bought at the museum's souvenir shop:p

Retelling the Da Vinci Code to my family gave me goosebumps.. recalling the days of which the Bible was rewritten by Man to accomodate his way of thinking.. hmm.. wonder what faith Dan Brown is..

As Muslims we believe in all our Prophets including Nabi Isa.. But it is Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.'s teachings that we follow and in accordance to the contents of the holy Quran.. the Quran being the most recent and updated (in the sense that it was brought down years later) 'kitab' is more relevant to our way of life. It provides us with guidance from our God, Allah and a way of life that's complete.. Islam is a religion that protects women (as the weaker species) and stands up to their (our) rights. At the same time, Islam does not look down on men and their powers, leadership qualities, calm, unemotional nature as suited to rule a nation.. Islam is fair and defends all who are in the right.. it does not pose any burden upon it's followers only lessons to be learnt from mistakes made and the opportunity to repent and ask for what is desired through prayers five times a day.. that is the beauty of Islam.

these are my views, just to share..

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