Thursday, November 11, 2010

WAHM Goals

I had just performed my zohor prayer today at work when I noticed a lady in the corner of the room expressing milk using an electric pump. It reminded me so much of my early days back to work after maternity leave, 4 years ago. Oh..what a hassle it was trying to save those precious drops of milk for my little one who if given the choice would no doubt choose direct feeding over expressed milk any time.

That got me to thinking, as I have been doing all these years, wouldn't it be great if more women could work from home and still be able to earn a decent living? That is actually my secret wish, which is not so much a secret anymore but a deep yearning inside - to be able to work from home, earn lots and still be able to care for my child(ren) full time. Oh, how joyful it would be!

The motivator on today says that we should all dream big and plan far ahead to be successful.

I can see it already..

Me, Azrina Aznan at home in my home office that is totally comfy, organised and chic. I have my schedule of daily activities to complete and time allocated sufficiently for each activity. I have time for spiritual connection, my work/business, my children, my husband, my family, my friends, household matters and my own self. I am deeply focused and passionate about the work and business that I do. I have many good clients and a network of wonderful, helpful friends. I have my own showroom/shop to showcase my products and I am assisted by an efficient, friendly, honest and hardworking team that delivers. I am absolutely grateful to Allah for all the goodness that He has bestowed upon me in this life. I feel this wonderful desire to share and spread this happiness to the less fortunate. I give and I receive. I am the best that I can be. I am living my life the way Allah intend it to be. I feel so blessed and thankful for all this.

What wonderful thoughts and the perfect way to end the day!

Goodnight, dream big and sleep on it!

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