Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Baju Kurung

Having googled 'the baju kurung', the search result lead me to this useful site: belajar cara nak buat baju kurung. Translated, it means: learn how to make the baju kurung. Hmmm..very informative. I've been thinking of taking up sewing lessons for quite some time. There's this sewing class in Bandar Baru Bangi which looks so inviting. But an online free tutorial is even better. Hehehe..maybe I should have a go! But I don't have a sewing machine..Maybe now's a good time to invest in one..hehe..but why not? my late grandma was a tailor after all. Shouldn't it run in the family? I can feel the GWGI part of me coming out again. Another new hobby? Hmm..just the beginning.  (These days it's making pizzas, if you're wondering. And gorging out on books!)

I guess it makes sense to learn how to sew, if I'm ever going to take this venture into muslimah fashion far. But then again, I could also hire these talents. But knowledge is power! So no harm learning..

Ok, me blabbering.. Back to business. Now why an entry on the baju kurung? In one way it's to honour my roots. I am a true Malay (ok, maybe not so pure as most Malaysians are from mixed heritage except for the Orang Asli, I suppose) and the baju kurung is the traditional Malay dress worn during formal occasions to work, functions and weddings. Now most Malaysians wear it too (it's the 1Malaysia spirit!).

The baju kurung is by far the most versatile dress that's muslimah certified! I say this because the baju kurung (at least the original one or we call it 'baju kurung pesak') serves to conceal a women's body shape as Islam intended. These days though, there a many variations of the baju kurung - baju kurung kedah, pahang, modern... Ok, I'm no expert, but most of these are deemed appropriate. It's the material (and cutting) that it comes in that either makes it wearable or not. Cotton is in (especially English cotton), so is silk (especially for batik designs/patterns), satin is good, lycra is easy to maintain but tends to cling..the list goes on (actually this is just an excuse for me not doing enough research on this).

The great thing about the baju kurung is that they're so comfy and airy (then again it also depends on the material and cutting).  If they come with lots of pleats in the skirt, you'd have no problems jumping across a drain in it (kids, please don't try this at home)! If you choose dark colours or long stripey designs or little flowery patterns, it actually has a slimming effect! For you slim ladies who want to look less frail, try brighter shades with larger patterns. I have mine in many shades.

Sri Munawwarah's collection of modified baju kurung is very graceful. It looks like a jubah but is a two-piece. I shall put up pictures soon (I hope - I'm actually more of a verbal than visual person. But I believe readers love pictures, judging on the number of reads most picture blogs your wish is my command;)).

I am also a huge fan of this fab boutique in Metro Kajang called Kajang Textiles (previously PSA). Their collections are a perfect fit! They're even better than tailor made ones!! Even tailor made ones don't come this close. Amazing, amazing...Alhamdulillah.. Another amazing thing you should note is that the owner is chinese and non-muslim. Despite that, she understands just what a muslimah wants! Her chosen materials are non-see through and if they happen to be a few, she'd add inner linings. She's awesome! And I just keep coming back. As a return customer, she gives me a great discount every time. Thank you, thank you.. My last visit, I ended up buying 4 pairs! Just couldn't resist. I haven't been clothes shopping for awhile so this splurge is permissible and guaranteed not damaging to my wallets.

Ok, better get some sleep. I have laid out my fave Sri Munawwarah baju kurung for a friends wedding reception tomorrow. Assalamualaikum..


Zura said...

Babe, great to know that there's a sewing spark somewhere here :) Come join us, it's a hugely gratifying hobby, great stress reliever and gets your creative juice flowing. One thing I learn when sewing is, it improves my ability to focus, nowadays not so haywire anymore lol. Good to see you in my blog, drop by often k? *hugs*

AzRina said...

Heheh..K.Zura, I'm like that..I take an in interest in so many things but not long enough to be skillful at one! I really love your creations. When I do get a girl, I'll definitely get one of your lovelies! Till then, I'll keep coming back to your blog for eye candy! and tips, more biz tips!