Thursday, April 08, 2010


I shall start my ramblings today with a number of questions:

1. Why are we often never satisfied with what we currently have?
2. Is it of inert nature to be dissatisfied most of the time?
3. Could it be that we are programmed this way so that we may strive to consistently improve ourselves on a daily basis, in order to achieve greater heights and recognition?
3. Is the displeasure that we have towards our present situation, the fire that will ignite our desires, determination and perseverance to reach out and work towards materializing our dreams and goals?

Looking at it from this point of view casts a positive light on dissatisfaction.

I for one am forever scribbling away in my dream book, trying to figure out a way to live a life worth-living. One that I can enjoy every second of and that will enable me to project my (inhibited) skills and talents to good use while gaining good financial standings. I think you know which aspects of my life I am referring to.

For now I am trying to learn from those who have taken the path before me, taking notes and making calculated moves.

Today I am experimenting with blogger template designs. Is this it? Or do I still have to embark on a search for one that says, 'This is me!' That's my dissatisfaction for today. Finding my identity in a blog design. As absurd it may sounds, it reflects the reality of life that nothing comes easy. Even trying to figure your own self takes effort and time. I am still soul-searching..though I have already found a part of me. And this part of me I reckon, helps make me a better person.

My passion for now: my family, my writings and.... muslimah fashion!

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