Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Hubby's Passion is Photography

My other half, Edi has taken an avid interest in photography since he first laid hands on a DSLR camera. His passion in this form of art has allowed him to learn the skills of a pro faster than you can say 'go' (ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it's true, he's a fast-learner when it comes to these stuff)! And I really do admire his talents and being his no. 1 muse (or so I think)and wifey, I shall always and forever support his work. I really do hope and pray that this field of study will enable him to make an honest living while still enjoying himself. I refer it to as a field of study because he is currently doing his executive diploma in this very specialized area.

Thus the idea of him becoming a freelance kiddy photographer is to me, a brilliant one (because I came up with it! and) because than I too can come to his aide since I love working with children (I had a short stint as a kindergarten teacher but I had to move on to a more degree-appropriate-parent-approved career)! And why not become a kiddy photographer?! Putrajaya and it's neighbouring areas are scattered with kindergartens which will surely require the service of an experienced photographer come the time of events such as sports day, school concerts, class photo sessions, field trips etc! So yeah..why not? For a snap shot of my husbands unofficial portfolio, visit his blog at ;)

Already, I can picture our new (and first)couple blog dedicated to this passion of his! Here's to passion (and the start of yet another venture)!!

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