Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your Personality Type

I am still dwelling on the subject of the e-book I raved about yesterday (Conquer Fear! by Lisa Jimenez). This time I'd like to share another activity from the e-book without revealing too much.

According to Lisa, our personality type can be determined by which of the following animal we choose to represent our personality: a panther, an owl, a dolphin or a peacock.

So have your pick!

As for me, I chose dolphin first. Then I thought I preferred an owl and ended up having a hard time choosing between the two. So I continued reading the passages in the book and it mentions that I can choose a second animal. So it's settled, I am a dolphin first and an owl second. Now the animal I like least (this has got nothing to do with me not liking the actual animal as I love all God's creations!) is a peacock.

So what do these animal preferences translate as?

A dolphin: someone who likes helping others and is a team player.

An owl: one who likes a lot of information, is very detail oriented and prefers to work behind the scene.

A peacock: someone who is a socialite and loves being the centre of attention.

And lastly a panther: ....

Ok, let's put it this way, I shall let it be a secret until someone admits to choosing a panther. hehehe.. how about that for suspense?!


hunt3r said...

I heard there was some sort of quiz that helped you realize what kind of personality you have (among those four). Do you happen to have it?:D

P.S. panther=dominant type . But I'm more of an owl:P

Rina Rashidi said...

Hi hunter!

Sorry, the only one I know is determined by your animal preference and not any kind of quizz.

Erica said...

There is a test/quiz to take to determine your animal. Lisa visited my conference and we all took the quiz.

Humam said...

There are 16 personality types in psychology which break down to 4 basic temperaments that we are all a combination of. That's where this animal test comes from. There is an amazing book called personality plus that is very easy to read and not technical at all that breaks them down in detail.

Animal.merrill-wilson.personality plus systems


Myers brigg is another system for generalising personalitites which is more about how people are in their own right, whereas the other systems are on how people relate.

Just an FYI that helps in life.