Monday, November 26, 2007

Conquer Fear!

While my son was napping during the day, I'd checked my email and discovered a delightful surprise from Success University. My SU weekly plan for this week contained a free e-book entitled "Conquer Fear!" by Lisa Jimenez. Out of excitement, I decided to start reading it there and then. And what I read really intrigued me.

According to the author, the reason why many of us don't achieve the goals we set out is because we have a fear of either 'failure' or 'success'. The author goes on to explain the differences between the two so that we can recognise which category we fall under. However, it is deemed more serious if you have a fear of success. People who fear success have a negative perspective on what success does to them. They may associate success with being arrogant, losing friends, being too busy and many other negative attributes. Their subconscious mind responds to this fear by either fleeing away from it or fighting it, bringing them even further away from their intended goal. Now that makes sense doesn't it?!

Behind these fears lies a negative belief system that have been built upon us based on what we've gone through in life.

For you to go to the root of these negative beliefs, it is also important to first know yourself well. What is your personality type? What are your positive traits? What kind of natural abilities/skills do you have? What are your values and principles in life? I did a little bit of soul searching based on the above questions by going through the activities provided. One of the activities required for us to ask our loved ones to list down 6 positive words which describes us. I turned to my parents for this since hubby was away. And the words they listed down really surprised me just as the author had forewarned.

So just to share, my father had listed down the following words to describe me:

1. active (am I? maybe it's because I can't sit still when I'm at my parents' place),
2. courage (hmm.. yeah.. I've had had some courageous moments),
3. happy(I act that even when I don't feel that so that I'd eventually feel that..),
4. kind (awwe thanks dad, I'm really touched that you think so - that you actually think so brought tears to my eyes),
5. conservative (my dad still can't get over how fast I changed my fashion sense)and
6. fast (fast-learner? fast walker? fast..?).

While my mother listed down the following:

1. intelligent (due to the many awards I received in the past..),
2. hard-working (yes.. I am),
3. kind (thanks ma - same as dad)
4. friendly (really?:)),
5. sweet (ahahahaha) and
6. responsible (have to be!!).

Ok, enough bragging about it already! The main purpose of this particular exercise was to point out to us that sometimes how we view ourselves may differ to that of others (or so, I think). So try it out! It's a real confidence booster:D

I'll share more about this book after I'm done with it, ok:)


Zamri Nanyan said...

You have lots of great qualities within... :)

Keep it up... and it's one great article too.

Rina Rashidi said...

Thanks Zamri!! I appreciate you dropping by;) Send my warmest regards to your wife, Lynda and baby Imran!