Sunday, November 11, 2007

Studying at Success University

These days I watch less television and surf the internet more. I also spend more time reading e-books and working on my assignments for Success University. Studying at SU is like being in a virtual classroom (headphones on, notepads out!). However, you have a choice of deciding when you want to attend your chosen classes and how fast you choose to complete your courses. That's how it should be with learning. Not everyone learns at the same rate. Some people are fast learners and may speed through their course, constantly hungry for more new, updated materials. While others prefer taking their own time trying to digest and absorb the materials to the max. Success University provides you with this freedom.

I also spend more time learning from my leaders and peers at SU especially those who are more tech-savvy. We even have our own password protected forum to share knowledge to strengthen our team and ensure each team member's personal success, provided we work together as a team. On that note, I'd like to extend my invitation to two genuine friends who would like to join me on this success journey. If you're up to it, give me a nudge (message me, call me, sms me, whatever to get my attention)! You may also get a head start by clicking on the Success University link. I'm looking forward to hearing from my success oriented friends! Till then, take care;)

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