Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A WAHM-Wannabe-but-for-now-FTWM

6 am: Rise and shine! Drink cup of water with pure honey (Madu Lebah Hutan Pak Long), iron office attire, get ready for work, change baby's diaper, nurse baby, prepare baby bag.

7 am: Send baby to parents, then off to work listening to Ben and Fat Fabes on FlyFm.

8 am: Reach office just in the nick of time. Eat breakfast from workstation. Have friendly conversation with cleaning lady.

8.30 am: Check emails, reply those necessary. Prepare the day's 'To Do List'.

9 am: Division meeting (listen to boss ramble on about office assignments and who does what. Give an affirmative anwer to all bosses query. Listen to colleague whine about not being able to take the year end off because of work assigned. Listen to boss asking all to stay back until assignments are completed while nodding obligingly. Continue to listen to boss conducting meeting millitary style.).

10 am: Back to office assignments. Prepare, edit reports/paper work. Call relevant people, follow up on status of other paperworks, check emails again in between. Join in forums for SU in between. Entertain visitors, answer questions, resolve any work related issues. Snack in between. Direct heavy work traffic to co-workers.

12 pm: Rush home to nurse baby, lunch.

1.30pm: Off to work again.

2pm: Reach office. See boss to approve editted paperwork. More paperwork editting, answering phones, short discussion with immediate boss and colleage, assist junior colleague in assignments. Answer queries on SU from prospects. Email Sifu. Back to office duties.

4.30pm: Work assignments nearly complete. Surf internet to avoid work-induced boredom. Back to assignments. Glance at watch from time-to-time.

5 pm: Clock chimes, time to return from work. Clear clutter on desk, shut down PC, lock door, toilet duties.

5pm: Get in car, rush home, get stuck in trafic, listen to FlyFm DJs Shel and Hafiz (my fave!).

5.55pm: Stop over to pick up son. Have dinner with hubby and son.

7 pm: Reach home, pick up clothes from line, fold clothes, clean house, play with son, put him to bed, chat with hubby.

11pm: Start work on SU assignments, leave comments on forum, update blog, read e-books (currently Paul Chan's).

2 am: off to bed, wake up in between to nurse baby.

and the day repeats..

P.S. Schedule at home may change depending on how early baby sleeps and whatever other things that crop up.

Note: FTWM stands for Full-Time-Working Mom.


mutiarazura said...'s been so long since my last visit to ur blog and so many changes! Am so excited looking at this whole WAHM ambition of yours coz I was once actually am a WAHM, well before I found a full time felt more like a Part time job. I was one a member of ehomemaker, the Mothers for Mothers Network and work for their founder Chong Sheau Ching (the Star Columnist) as Mailing List Database administrator. Had to let it go to become FTWM but would love to go back one sweet day...Kisses to your baby and way to go girl!!

Rina Rashidi said...

Kak Mutia!! It's great having you here:) Wow.. you were really all that?!Really cool. Maybe I can interview you just for being an ex. WAHM. hehehe..

Anyway, look out for the debut of my site!! I shall be announcing it here;)