Friday, November 09, 2007

The Perfect Housewife!

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Anthea Turner inspired me to become a perfect housewife just like herself! The first time of watching her show filled with much enthusiasm that I started spring cleaning our home right away!! This week though, our house is not as neat. My focus has shifted to building a home-based business and working on assignments given to my success team. Plus I've been nominated best employee of the month at work, a reputation my bosses expect me to live up to.

Now back to the show on Astro Discovery, Home & Health Channel, I absolutely love watching Anthea Turner on her Perfect Housewife program! And personally I don't think she's over doing it trying to get everything in perfect order. House-keeping is an art in itself. It's a skill that a WAHM wannabe like myself should make an effort to master. Through Andrea's show, I've learned a few marvelous tips like how to fold a towel- hotel style, using white vinegar to clean the bathroom, using baskets to put things in order and whole lot more. You have to watch the show to really appreciate those tips because they do make heaps of difference to how you go about house cleaning. That brings me to my survey of the month question, what type of WAHM do you wanna be??


kuireena said...

hi dear!
Just found out about ur blog, from ur ticker. Hey, I've just started my blog, maybe if U dont mind, i can link urs to mine?


Rina Rashidi said...

By all means do Bibi! The pleasure is mine! That goes to to all my friends out there, feel free to link your blogs to mine. I'd be more than delighted!!