Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Making US Dollar From Malaysia Is Not A Dream Anymore

It's not a secret anymore, the internet has everything in store for everyone. The information required for you to start making money from home is right at your finger tips provided you have the time and commitment to sieve through the vast ocean of information. It's a fact that with the right tools and resources, you can actually start making US Dollars from home! And I'm not only talking about stock shares!! The latest trend being Internet MLM, Network Marketing and Affiliate Programs. All these can generate you more income than you'd ever believe. However be wary of leads that are misleading. You don't want to associate yourself with any get-rich-quick schemes that would only backfire and cause you to lose more then you gain.

You would want to start your search right away if you're in a hurry to retire from your boring day job. And keep on looking until you find the one opportunity that would fulfill your needs, are in accordance to your skills and strength, and one that provides you with ample money to live comfortably if not wealthily.

Other not so new income generating ideas (that still work and are widely used): If you have a pile of good-conditioned items you don't need anymore, sell them on or Ebay. Sell your skills by providing whatever services over the internet like translating, web-making, match-making, party planning etc. Not good at any of those? Then why not take up some lessons on any skills you are up to. Not motivated? Then don't quit your day job just yet!

Meanwhile, you could always join a group of people who care about you and are willing to pool their resources in helping you succeed at obtaining your work-at-home dreams. They'll be requiring your commitment though. Make sure you are trainable, coachable and have the intense desire to succeed. These brilliant people are our group at Success University where learning costs you next to nothing. ok not quite the picture, but it's quality education at the price of a burger and fries meal per day (here in Malaysia, that is)! And that's not all, while acquiring the success skills you require and desire so much, you'll be given a compensation plan that allows you to start earning a living from the word go! All these from the comfort of your own home! Enroll as a student, and you're on your way to learning and earning your dream (in US Dollar!)! Here's to your success!


anamiraa said...

glad i stumbled upon your blog! you got spirit girl! go! go! go! for it!!

talking about wish list. long time i never updated mine.

i would like to suggest two books to add to your reading list. err.. you might have read these before. but still, anyway:-
1) the millionaire mind (sorry can't remember the author)
2) think and grow rich by napoleon hill

many2 great adventures in pursuing your dreams!

Rina Rashidi said...

thanks anamiraa!! you're pretty inspiring yourself;) the millionaire mind, i haven't read (but on your reccomendation i'll be checking it out!) and the other one, i'm currently reading.

Anyone out there who wants a free copy of think and grow rich by napoleon hill (e-book version) can always sign up for Success University's infoletter. Just click on the link on my left bar. cheers!