Monday, August 27, 2007

weekend update

Daddy's starting his new job at OCBC's call centre today. Mummy wishes Daddy the best of luck. I know you can do it dear!

As for Hariz, he's doing pretty well. I've started him on Baby Genius's Language flash cards and he seems to like it ok. at present his attention span is close to a minute but i'm sure we'll build up on it in time. *hey, this is my first home schooling enrty!*

For myself, I bought food supplement in the form of spirulina gamat.- a liquid mixture of both to provide double of its' benefits. hopefully this will help increase my energy level and sustain hunger since i need to start fasting again this week and the next. To those who are in the same boat as me i wish you a "happy fasting" (ganti puasa or puasa sunat, that is)!

p.s. i really want to watch high school musical 2 (tv debut early next month) but we don't have disney channel. wonder whether it's available on dvd...


raggedyanne said...

lol, all the best rina. i'm fasting too tday. one more day & all hutang langsai :)

angah said...

It has been a long time since my last visit here. I gave birth to Adneen Humaira last April.

Alhamdulillah she's exclusively breastfed like her brother.

Arina Anan said...

hi angah! welcome back!! congrats on the birth of your darling baby girl! keep up the great job - breastfeeding;) bestnyer dah ada sepasang... i can't wait for my baby girl too!

anne, u're so lucky! i have quite a few more days to ganti..

take care, gals;)