Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm adding MamaFiza to my list of blogs to read. Hers is a very interesting one and on a topic which i myself dream of pursuing - home schooling. Yup, get this, MamaFiza, mother to 3 young children at the tender age of 22, home-schools her children!! i personally think she's a courageous genius!apart from devoting her time to her kids, she still manages to work from home doing web designs and even have time allocated for herself and her hubby. talk about fantastic time management!! i really do admire her, i do. and what's great is that she loves doing what she does. the next time i get impatient with my son, i'm going to think of mamafiza and how loving and patient she is with her kids. from now on, i'll be the patient, understanding, even loving mother i had planned to be no matter what the situation was at work. home is home and i shouldn't bring back unwanted emotions nor gear my frustration at work towards home.

i felt so inspired that this morning i'd create a new wish list! the one i made 2 years ago have mysteriously disappeared. thank goodness i've crossed off alot from that previous list. my new wish list cum to do list is even more focused. and 'tis i learned from reading 'how to get from where u are to where u want to be'. fabulous book!! i must thank Allah for all the ideas and inspirations i've been blessed with. Alhamdulillah..


mamafiza said...

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dearest Miss Arina Anan,

Firstly, thank you very much for visiting my blog dedicated to my kiddies.

I am truly taken aback when I read your article, it's about our home-school! I'd told my kiddies about it and they're totally thrilled :)

We all thank you so much for your kindness.

I'll always pray for you and your beloved baby ^_- May Allah swt bless your sweet family. Amin~

Have a great day dearie!

p/s: love to read ur blog!

Arina Anan said...

thanks mamafiza! I'm so happy u found my blog! i find in u a kindred spirit. hopefully u can share with me more tips on home-schooling. and maybe on building websites and webiz too;)

hugs an kisses to u and your kids!