Tuesday, August 22, 2006

tetralogy of fallot

my son has a congenital heart disease (meaning that the heart wasn't formed as properly as it should since inside the womb) called tetralogy of fallot (TOF). basically, it means that he's got a hole in his heart and the passageway connecting his heart to his lungs is a bit narrow. there are other versions of TOF though. it is thought to be a common heart disease occurring among infants (newborns).

we took him to see a paed cardiologist at the Malaysian Heart Institute yesterday. he wasn't the only baby being treated. there were quite a few other infants (2-3months old) and some children who are already 4 - 5 years of age who've been getting treatment since infant. it was somewhat comforting exchanging words with other parents there. at least we know we're not alone.

the attending cardiologist was a very friendly, amicable Malay lady in her 30s. Hariz cooperated well when she conducted tests on him. Dr None (pronounced 'no-ni) says that as with all TOF cases, corrective surgery can be done to rectify the problem and the results are often positive whereby the heart can function as normal. it was a relief to hear that coming from the doc. but on return, i checked the term on the internet and findings contradict this. it is thought that 5% of infants don't make it after surgery due to occurences of other related problems caused by the surgery itself.

it worries me.. today, we are taking Hariz to see Ustaz Harun Din. hopefully, berkat doa alim ulamak, Hariz will lead a long healthy life. please pray for my son..


Sherin Almashor said...

Hi Az, yes I will continue to pray for hariz. What about getting a 2nd opinion. I'm sure Dr None is good since she is from MHI but maybe there is another expert elsewhere who could give u his/her diagnosis? I am no expert but I guess that is what I would do. Please update us,dear. Take care of Hariz & urself..

Anonymous said...

Dear Azrina,
i accidentally came across your blog and read about your new born son, Hariz & his health problem.
i hope Hariz will get better soon & have a healthy life, insyAllah. Hope Allah will give you & family extra sabar & tough to go through this. insyAllah, there are goin to be a lot of hikmah behind all these.

azrina said...

Hi Sherin,
I'll definitely think about getting a second opinion. My baby's next appointment at IJN is in four months time. They'll only perform corrective surgery when the child's abit older (3-4 years of age).

Hi Anonymous,
Wish u'd left ur name so i could address u more personally;) Thank you so much for your kind words of support. i'm deeply touched, as I am with all who've shown their concern and left me with words of encouragement. Thanks again.

angah said...

Agree with Sherin, get 2nd opinion just to get another insight on the matter.

Continue breastfeeding him to maintain his immune system. Mother's milk do wonders as proved by a mother with a child who once suffered from liver disease.

azrina said...

i've thought about getting a second opinion. but thing is, all hospitals/ medical centres will/may just refer us to IJN. but i guess it's no harm trying.

i agree with u on breastfeeding. i'm determined to breastfeed Hariz for as long as possible;)