Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hariz meets Ustaz Harun Din

Hariz first met Ustaz Harun Din while he was still in my womb. Today Hariz pays Ustaz Harun another visit. Ust Harun held Hariz in his arms and recited prayers in his ears, rubbed his chest ever so gently then gave Hariz a peck on the cheek. All the while, Hariz was sleeping peacefully. He didn't even stir one bit. Only when we reached home did Hariz awaken.

Mommy and Daddy was advised by Ust Harun's assistant to:

1. Ask for forgiveness from both our moms. Beckon them to pray together for Hariz's health.
2. Beristighfar 7 times.
3. "Mengadu kepada Allah dan memohon kepadaNya bersungguh2"
4. Each time when reading al-Fatihah, "pasangkan niat".
5. Dab the "air penawar" on Hariz's chest and give him a bit to taste.

Mommy will try her best to "amalkan" all these.. sadly daddy is a bit reluctant.. why..why..??


Sherin Almashor said...

We must try all that we can for his sake. Asalkan tidak salah disisi agama. I will continue to pray for all of you especially dear Hariz.

azrina said...

Sherin, may Allah bless u and your loved ones.

angah said...

Give daddy some time, most often than not, men are slower to digest these things. Same thing happen when my Arief was diagnosed with bronchitis.

InsyaAllah, he'll understand it.

azrina said...

ur right angah. he's more willing now that he has time to digest it.

how's little Arief? i saw the pic u put up of arief praying on sidang c's blog. real cute:D