Thursday, March 02, 2006


half of the day has gone by..and i'm suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of melancholy. it's a breezy afternoon on a bright sunny day. if only i were free to enjoy this day outside the office vacinity...

abah's going to Paris on the 23rd. wish i could go. it's springtime there. i could use the change of air. flight tickets for two adults on roundtrips would cost over RM7000. i could probably earn that much in profit. but what is there to profit when u are a gov servant? i want out.. soon.. and i only dare say this thru my blog cuz my parents would never come across it.. it's sad.. i have no choice.. yet..

when i'm sad i feel all choked up.. with tears welling..threatening fall...

hopefully i can make the smooth transition come december. i want to slip away unnoticed and carry on with my idea of life;)

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