Thursday, March 02, 2006


i've been having this rash on my upper abdomen which is causing me some discomfort. could i be allegic to anthing? or is this normal during pregnancy?

my good friend, alin gave birth to a healthy baby boy early february. she's named her son Daniel too. but i shall be spelling mine Danial. haha.. i guess it's a popular name these days. alin was recounting to me the complications she had during labour. i'm so glad she's managed to go through with it and come out all well.

i've started taking Salindah after reccomendations from Dr.Umi who owns a Reena Cosmestics salon at bangi. she tells me she's taken it herself and it has helped her tremendously. her babies are also healthy and strong. i've gone to the website and read many testimonials from salindah users. all of which are encouraging. ilham is taking it too after being reccomended by her aunt. the whole salindah package which includes treatment for after birth costs RM 370. ilham got it cheaper (RM300) cuz her aunt's a stokist. lucky her. i was going to buy it through her but since she rarely sees her aunt and the aunt lives in gombak, i thought, what the heck. why go through all the trouble when i can get it conveniently at warta.

i'm hoping to start my hypnobirthing class soon with mdm soo. have met up with her last weekend and found her to be very warm and bubbly. to my surprise, she's very petite and young which was unexpected cuz i'd imagined her to be all motherly figure. i shouldn't be surprised since i don't look like a boomin mom myself. the sales people i meet at shops often look at me in awe when i tell them i'm pregnant and 5 months too!

visited my cousin wati at auntie's house yesterday. she tells me i'll grow much bigger when i reach 7 months. wati's son, aisar is 5 months and his laugh is more like a shriek. very enthusiastic little one.

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