Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

guess what? they sell cetaphil (gentle skin cleanser) at Vitacare - Carrefour, MidValley!! at last, i've found the perfect skin cleanser for my skin! it's cheap too - RM13++ for a 125ml bottle. my skin has never felt better! a similar cleanser from Dermalogica costs more than RM60. so it's a bargain!


Bvlgari046 said...

Hi Azrina,

How are you? When are you due? Anyway, Cetaphil should be good as it from Galderma laboratories. I am currently under a skin specialist treatment and the doctor prescribed me 2 creams (one for day use and one for night use) and both are from Galderma laboratories and it worked better than my SKII.

Keep in touch ya...can't wait to see your baby.

Love always.

azrina said...

Farrah! Thanks for dropping by! Yup, Cetaphil works great! I'm so glad. Pregnancy has lead to dry skin episodes. Doesn't help that i'm in the air-conditioned office all day:p So how are you? Hope everything's well;)

Take care!! baby's a boy!!