Thursday, February 16, 2006


I bought a book recently called, "HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method". I've read rave reviews on it and success stories of mothers who delivered peacefully without pain. i've decided that this is what i want for both me and my baby. i shall teach myself self-hypnosis! now, all i need is to find a medical provider who is keen on accomodating the natural birth that i intend to have. Dr jemilah may not be the best option since she's based in ampang which is too far if emergency arises. mama wants me to check out dr yusof who's in bangi. hopefully his package is way cheaper too. yup, i'll do just that. in the mean time, i shall read the book and practice it's mantra.. hehehe...

Other recent preoccupations:

- Yoga for Pregnancy
- Books on Baby Development
- Business Plan (have to hurry on with this, it's taking forever)
- Baby talk


angah said...

try lamaz class (breathing technique during labour)

azrina said...

thanks angah. i shall look it up;)