Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year!!

it's the second day of 2006 and i've just finished reading 'the memoirs of a geisha'. i'm just so intrigue by it.. though i'm still having a throbbing headache from reading the book non-stop. i'm definitely looking forward to seeing the movie. i know it's nothing like the book.. they've even changed the scenes a bit from what i've seen on the trailer.. and who's that playing mameha? i'd expected mameha to be potrayed by a more femenine woman and Michelle..she's just too athletic! but the role for sayuri and hatsumomo is a perfect fit. gong li looks so hateful as hatsumomo! hehehehe.. i can't wait!


naz said...

I'm sure this year will be a wonderful one for you especially with the coming addition to the family. Happy new year Kak Azrina! God bless!

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