Sunday, February 20, 2005 lovely opal..

yay-yay... just bought an opal bracelet which i pieced together myself at Dr Jariah's shop cum alternative healing centre. i love going there! her gemstone/crystal collections are gorgeous!! and so reasonably priced too! i've bought most of my personal collection from her and they're all a bargain!

the best part about my visit today is that she gave me a salt crystal lamp for a belated wedding gift!! u wouldn't believe how much dat thing costs!! like..several hundreds 8) so getting it free after longing for it for ages is like 'wow!!'.. my wish list came true! thank you umie a.k.a dr jariah!! love u!!

therefore tonite i'm being accompanied to bed by my glowing salt crystal lamp! the atmosphere in my room is sooooo romantic. the salt crystal is totally ionizing the air making it fresher and calmer.. i love it!

hehehe.. i also can't stop admiring my pinkish white opal suits me (skin color and all) splendidly:> here's some info i found on with regards to opal:

"Opal: See possibilities; discover a broader view. I use opal to see all the possibilities in a situation. I find it very freeing when I feel blocked in a situation. Some people find this stone very hard to wear. I find it wonderful. A little opal can go a long way. "

if ur a fan of gemstones like me, the above link is a wonderful place to discover more about crystal healing and other alternative healing methods. the writer sounds very experienced and versed in this field of study. however, experiences with crystal applications differs among individuals.. so my personal view is, only buy crystals/gemstones that u are attracted to.. u may be attracted to it cuz u need it for its healing benefit. and remember that healing energies are always a gift from the Higher Powers (in Islam being 'Allah swt')..

nighty-nite : *

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