Saturday, February 19, 2005

dreams come true

i've been keeping a wish list for the past few years.. so far i've managed to accomplish 40% of it. i consider it quite an achievement! goes to show that if both ur conscious and subconscious mind believe in something deep enough, ur bound to get it, God-willing. When you write a wish list, it's your conscious mind doing the thinking. Actioning it is part conscious (efforts that you put in) and partly unconscious (your subconscious mind speaks to others of its kind, while your aura attracts what is rightfully yours). Put both minds in motion and voila! your desired outcome:)

My Dream House: located in a gated community with parks and other sports facility, cosy, beautiful.. in's this particular semi-d duplex i have in mind. saw it in an ad in the newspaper but forgot what it's called.. but it's in damansara.. i'm sure of that..

My Dream Car: ??? ask my hubby

My Dream Job: Holistic Healing Practioner

dreams are achievable if you want it bad enough..

my opinion anyway..

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