Friday, January 21, 2011

WAHMs Wanted!!

This is the year for me to become a WAHM..I've been wanting to do this for so long..I've been writing plans after plans..exploring this option and that.. I've discovered my interests, my strength and the meaning of my life. So isn't it about time I took the leap?

I have a wish, and that is to hear stories from other WAHMs. How they made their journey into becoming a WAHM especially from being a FTWM. I wanna hear from you. Stories good and bad. Experiences, advices, tips..

I have so many reasons for wanting to become a WAHM and among them are:

  1. For my own sanity.
  2. For my son.
  3. For my family.
  4. For my people.
  5. For my religion.
For My Own Sanity

I have been a working a 8-5 job for the past 9 years . We all do it to earn a living - to buy food, clothes, shelter... I am grateful for it. It has provided me with a comfortable home, support for my family and once in a while some luxuries. But what if I could make money doing what I love? Then I'll never have to work another day in  my life! Well that's what most motivation books say and I totally agree with them! I want to a live healthy, abundant and joyful life every single day. Being a WAHM will allow me to become my creative self. I believe in my own potential. We all have it in many forms. It's God given. It is this unique gift that is ours that we should be using to the fullest.

For My Son

I want to watch my son grow in front of my eyes. I want to be an energetic, vibrant, fun-loving mother who can keep up with her active son and answer all his questions about life. That young inquisitive mind of his. My son, ever the confident one. I lavish him, we all do, with kind, loving words of praise and encouragement. I want to be there for him. To be able to send and pick him up from school. To be by his side when he does his homework and during playtime. My son, who at this young age wants to become an entrepreneur. He inspires me so. To open a shop and be able to sell beautiful products. That is our dream and goal this year.

For My Family

My mother has taken such good care of my son while I am away the whole day at work. Whenever I have to work late into the night or go out-station, both my parents will tirelessly care for my son. Ever the devoted grandparents. They love him so. By becoming a WAHM, I can free my mom from some of this responsibility. I want her to live the many years of her life as she intends to. I hope through the work that I'll start as a WAHM, I'll be able to contribute more to my family and parents who raised me. And I hope they'll support me fully in my endeavour.

For My People

I want to start a positive revolution for muslimahs. Hopefully my work as a WAHM will take me as far. I want to explore a field that I can be knowledgeable in. The knowledge that can allow me to help myself and inspire others. I want to contribute back to the society in the best way that I possibly can. As a WAHM,embracing her freedom, I shall do just that.

For My Religion

I want to be a devoted muslimah. To be able to do good unto others. To live in accordance to Islam. I want to deepen my knowledge in Islam. To be able to understand it and share it with other muslimahs. I want to live every day feeling happy, blessed and grateful. I want to make an honest living for my life now and hereafter. I hope Allah will give me the strength and courage to pursue this dream of mine.

Once again, I call out to all the WAHMs out there. I wanna hear from you..

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