Tuesday, December 07, 2010

No Time Like The Present and Reading For Knowledge

My 4-year-old son, Hariz is an excellent example of someone who makes full use of his waking hours. Some days he is awake 12 hours and sleeps another 12. Most days he sleeps less than that (8 - 10 hours) and is awake, the rest of the time. What does he do? He plays, explores, learns, interacts.. The world is his playground! Ofcourse, whatever he does is always under supervision (be it my own, husband's or his grandparents'). What I love about this part of him is his zest for life. He looks forward to every new day. When he opens his eyes in the morning, he won't just lie around in bed daydreaming (nor does he sneaks in a few more hours of sleep). He just sits up, gets up and is on the move! We adults sure can learn from this kind of zesty attitude!

So why is it important to make full use of our waking hours? Because we don't know how long we'll live! And if you have your life goals mapped out, I am sure you would want to have them realised during your lifetime, God-willing. So there is no time to waste!

I have been spending the last few weeks buying discounted books at the MPH sale in Alamanda. Mostly books on personal finance, parenting and writing. I have also been spending last weekend devouring these books. As you can see, I am in the reading mood and nothing, nobody can stop me from reading book after book! Right now I am reading 'Smart Parents Richer Kids' by Azizi Ali and Zaid Mohamad. Although I have read many other Personal Finance books (by Robert Kiyosaki, Azizi Ali, Dave Ramsey etc.) this particular book shares how we could get the whole family and especially the kids involved in financial planning, instilling good financial habits in kids from young and securing a better future for them. Some tips mentioned in this book are familiar. But it's being conveyed in such a delightful manner with Zaid, who's very much a family man sharing delightful anecdotes based on his real day-to-day life experience. I love it!

I feel like starting a Total Money Makeover again! Yes, I've been slacking these past few years. The problem is, the more I earn, the more my desire to buy increases. So now is no better time than ever to put a stop to these useless desires! Time for me to think rationally and get back on track to my goal of becoming financially free (and not to have to work for others but to make money work for me). Due to my spending fury these past couple of years (I have vague memories of what I've spent on, except one expensive hair treatment programme), I have alot of catching up to do. Damage control: credit card bills to pay up, monthly budget to scrutinize (items to be divided into categories: essentials, nice, crap), 20% of income to be put aside each month (the pay- yourself- first concept which actually should top the list), to teach my son to save (he spends like his mom these days and he uses other people's hard earned money - which just drives my mom up the walls) and ofcourse to set out our family's Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures (OGSM). Like Zaid mentioned in his book, (in my own words now) you won't know which path to take unless you have it all mapped out. So yes, we shall be doing that. Infact, I've been making drafts of it while going through the book. Now all I need is to go through the OGSM with hubby and son before we get to the implementing stage. Phew! Some work needed there!

Now the next book on my reading list is, 'Bear Hunt: Earn Your Living By Doing What You Love' by Malcolm McClean. I am also in the midst of reading 'Rumahku, Ofisku' (My Home, My Office) by Mazneera Zainal which is also pretty inspirational for a woman like me who is yearning, wanting, trying and is in the process of realising my dream of becoming a WAHM. Another mind blowing book I read last week was 'The One Minute Entrepreneur' by Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson and Ethan Willis. They share their secrets to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business. Yes, yes, that is one of my long term goal - to become a successful entrepreneur. Before that I must have solid foundations which is what I am working at right now - good financial planning and then I'll need a sound business plan.

More books on my reading list (books I've bought and have yet to read):


1. How They Started In Tough Times by David Lester and Beth Bishop ( I got this book at 50% discount! and it's just been published this year!! Thanks MPH - my fave bookstore!)
2. Writing Fiction For Children by Judy K. Morris (70% discount - yay!)
3. The Power of a Positive No by William Ury (among the first books I bought when the year 2010 opened its curtain)
4. The 48 Laws of Power by Robbert Greene (bought July 2009 - hmm wonder why I didn't get around to reading it - I guess I'm not so crazy about being controlling and being in power over others. But then again it is actually necessary to be in power over your own self - having self-control.

Bahasa Malaysia:

1. Jejak Bisnes Rasul by Mohamed Sulaiman and Aisuddinur Zakaria
2. 7 Formula Individu Cemerlang by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin
3.Rahsia Bisnes Isteri Nabi: Khatijah by Shadi Zain
4. Jana RM Dari Rumah by Masayu Ahmad
5. Rahsia Bisnes Orang Cina by Ann Wan Seng (fantastic!!)
6. Mudahnya Bisnes dengan Blogshop by Zamri Mohamad
7. Rancang Wang Dari Sekarang by Pakdi (founder of bicarajutawan.com community)
(All these Bahasa Malaysia books I've started but have yet to finish reading  - these are mostly on business, personal development and personal finance)
8. Satu Rasa Dua Hati by Pahrol Mohd Juoi (on marriage)
9. Teknik Memotivasikan Anak Cara Positif (on parenting)

Wow, I just realised I have loads of reading to do. Actually, there's probably about 5-10 other books (including fiction) which are still left untouched (mostly because I bought them on sale especially the novels and over time I felt too adult to be reading them tsk...tsk..I also would rather be filling my brain with more useful knowledge than fantasy - better excuse!).

Ok guys, all these listing is actually to serve as a reminder to myself, a way to keep track of my reading materials. And if you're looking for interesting books to read, feel free to pick one from my list. If I am not mistaken, the MPH sale at Alamanda is still on! See you there!!


Zaid Mohamad said...

salam AzRina...Zaid Mohamad here :) Thanks for picking up my book and highlighting that the actual/budget template was missing from my website...not sure what happened but the link was gone...I have updated/uploaded it just now...sorry for inconveniences.

Thanks for your nice review of my book...may I post it on y web/Facebook?

All the best!

Zaid Mohamad

AzRina said...

Salam Sir Zaid.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I shall be visiting yours for the budget template, tq:)And by all means, please feel free to post my review on your web/FB. The pleasure is mine!

Warmest Regards,

-Azrina Aznan