Friday, November 05, 2010

I Love Muslimah Fashion!

I have always loved dressing up and looking pretty, just like any ordinary girl would. It is a natural womanly desire to dress up in clothes that would accentuate her beauty.

When I was much younger and naive (that was during my early teens), I used to turn to fashion magazines for advice on what I should be wearing. Hollywood stars used to be my role models. Baby Ts, tights, skinny jeans..those were the staple..

However, as I started to pick up new knowledge on Islam and mingled with the right crowd, my fashion sense too has changed. Ever since I started wearing the hijab 15 years ago, I've started dressing more conservatively, the way Allah intended women to be clothed. Clothes that conceal and protect a woman's body from the eyes of those who aren't authorized to view them. Alhamdulillah, I'm thankful for being shown back to the right path early in my life.

For a young girl who wanted so much to feel attractive yet still having to remain decent to protect her dignity, I have to admit, it wasn't an easy path. At times I succumb to wearing clothes that aren't too Islamic like short sleeved t-shirts and body hugging shirts. Those instances, I truly regret. Then again, 15 years back, it was rather difficult to find decent t-shirts, blouse and pants to wear. So much so, that most of the time I ended up shopping for clothes in the men's department. There you can find baggy t-shirts, shirts and loose-fitting pants. Ofcourse, I made do with these and tried to look as feminine in them a I could. That is by choosing shades that women are naturally attracted to - red, maroon, pink, purple..

Fast forward to the present, muslimah fashion is now the rage! In the local fashion scene, Sri Munawwarah Design were among the first in Malaysia to come up with fashionable decent wear for women. These days you hear the brand names: Hajabba, Sumayya, Hilyah. For Fashionable Hijab brands, we have Ariani, Seri Kapas, and gosh so many names in the market including home-made and mass-made ones sold at the night market. Amazing, amazing... And I'm loving it!

My interest in muslimah fashion has never dimmed or faded(pretty rare for the Girl With Gazillion Ideas). And the same is true with my desire to become a wahm and an entrepreneur. It is because of this burning passion and desire that I've decided to begin my research on muslimah fashion. My aim is to encourage other women to take interest in this 'field of study'. Imagine if I can persuade all muslimahs to dress the way they should..Alhamdulillah, I would have served some purpose in this life..

Insya'Allah, this is my vision so far.. And I'm working on it starting with baby steps:) Please pray for my and our ummah's success..

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