Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Fresh Start

Finally, I figured out the correct password to my blog! Spent nearly a week doing guess work. Oh dear, I really need to sharpen my memory.For now I feel so grateful to be back and writing:)

So much has happened since I last updated. Mostly good stuff for which I am so thankful for: a new home with a totally new community, career accomplishments and development of new interests/skills/knowledge/discovery.

My life has taken a new turn. I feel so tempted to start a new blog. I have left Success University so far behind that if I were to keep my current blog, I'd have to let go of all SU related entries. Not that I haven't benefited from it. It'd opened my eyes to the world of internet marketing and personal success experts. I left it with a heavy heart but I have valid reasons for doing so (mostly personal). But to those who have inquired about it after I had left, I advice that you refer to my former internet marketing sifu, Zamri Nanyan (sifu, thank you so much for sharing with me your wealth of knowledge!). He'll be more than happy to guide anyone who's genuinely interested.

Right, so I did mention about starting a new blog.. Hmmm..If and when I do decide to, I'll post a link from here like I did my now non-existent-name-blog.

For now, I'll let my ideas mature just a little more beforw I work on a new launch.. that sounds definite!

Around the blogsphere I've notice some major developments at Mamafiza's blog. Our Malaysian homeschooler. This mom-of-4-kiddies is an inspiration! She's achieved so much in such a short period of time. Now that's alot of loving effort at work and attention to details. Also CoachSha's blog now looks fantastic! I feel enticed to join her English-Class-For-Ladies! (yeah.. i do require improvement in that area if i were to sound as good as nazihah ismail!hmm..that reminds me, i should hop down to her blog right after).

Ok, I'll be heading my way now. Take care n cheers everyone:)


Che Wan Ruzil said...

hello there..I was going through my ym address list when I noticed your latest status. It's been a while since our last contact, and now I see you've taken a fresh turn..all the best..

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