Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Chow, Dot Com Mogul

I had recently subscribed to John Chow's newsletter through his blog. Just for subscribing, I'd gotten a free e-book on how to make money online.

I always get excited about receiving freebies. Especially ones that are of great quality. I have just started reading John Chow's e-book and the first few pages itself did strike a chord in me.

John talked about how all successful people have goals. Goals are different to having dreams because a goal has a set target date of when you plan to achieve it. Many people just dream their life away. They say they wish they have or they are this and that but they do nothing to pursue their dreams. So dreams will just remain a dream unless one takes action. To take action you need a plan, a strategy and an estimate of how long it would take for your goal to materialize. John says, a goal without a dateline is like houses being built where the developer have no idea when they're going to be completed. So it's not good enough telling yourself that you're going to become a millionaire oneday or someday and expect to become one. You have to be specific and say something like, "My goal is to become a millionaire by the age of 30 or by my 30th birthday."

I also like the way John reveals how he's giving away his ebook for free just to attract readers to his blog as he makes money blogging and not through selling ebooks. Well his words have worked magic! I am very drawn to his blog and will be obtaining more new knowledge from him through his jottings.

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anamiraa said...

as tony robbins defines it:-
goal is a dream with a deadline.

how true!

so please rush for the deadline people!!