Saturday, August 18, 2007

i can write..

whenever i'm excited about something, i find it hard to concentrate on anything else.. like blogging for example.. when i'm excited i can't quite channel it into writing.. it's kinda funny.. when i'm feeling down, the words flow much easily.. maybe because i need to let those feelings out. if i haven't been blogging for a while, it's because life have been good lately and still is... i'm finding new things to look forward to each and every day.. so now i'm trying to channel all this happiness n gratefulness into creative writing.

i love reading nazihah's blog, especially her travel stories.. she'd make a great children's author.. i've been thinking about writing books for children too.. for the pleasure of knowing you are enriching childrens' life AND for the extra income;)

i feel the need to reach my goal of having abundance.. to always have enough of every good thing..

i'm thinking of doing more for charity.. i have a whole load of treasures that i've hardly used.. so who should i give it to? anyone?

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