Monday, June 04, 2007

finally i can log on!!

goodness! i dunno how many times i changed my password till i totally forgot what it was.. now this new password, i WILL remember:P i sort of miss blogging... it has really been ages. and reflecting back on my previous writings, they were rather sadistic.. but let's not dwell on that.. from today onwards i, azrina will make an effort to blog every single day (all positive entries) no matter how short. so there you have it!!

i have an announcement to make. i've come up with a new resolution! it may be the middle of the year, but better later than never! i've decided to turn over a new leaf.. and this rather has got something to do with discovering the innertalk series at a recent book fair. awesome technology!! if u haven't checked it out already, visit oh and another interesting find is a book called the secret.. which supposedly is quite the rage at the moment. but i have yet to get hold of a copy. did check out what others had to say about it on oprah's site. pretty interesting, though i agree that most of the contents are no big secret to some of us.. still, like all motivational books, i expect this to serve as a confidence booster. so yes, i'm definitely going to bag it:)

oh yes! now back to my resolution!! the new azrina will focus her thoughts on only the positive. as mentioned in the secret, like attracts like.. therefore i will choose only to like the good, the positive energy that will attract all the goods which life has to offer... wealth, happiness, health, love...

ok, enough said.. goodnite people of the world..


naz said...

Yaayyy, akhirnya an entry! I just tagged you in my blog so that you can keep the blogging momentum going. Heheh.

Please write a review on 'The Secret' book once you manage to get hold of it yea? I've heard the hype surrounding it but not sure if I should get it just yet.

How's the cute little one doing???

azrina said...

Naz! Hi!! didn't expect someone to comment on my entry so soon. and thanks for your encouragement;) ok, it's a deal - bout the secret, i mean. and hariz is doing well.. think i'll put up pics of him here when i have more time.

take care naz! hugs!!