Thursday, September 14, 2006

can't help it!

i know i should be sleeping but can't fight the urge to update my blog. Work has kept me busy for the whole week. so busy that i can't believe tomorrow's friday. i owe this to my new boss for asking me to be transferred to his department. i like my new position. it's less boring and at least now i have a mentor. unlike my previous position where i had to figure alot of things myself. workload now is a whole lot more though - the reason why time seems to fly. i also have no more time to daydream - which is good cuz i'm spared the evil thoughts.. this job/position also involves writing which i truly enjoy. i do cabinet papers now. tricky, yes. but it's got system.. and i'm given a guideline.. plus my predecessors have left templates to make things easier. alhamdulillah.. finally a job that is worth my time..

though it's pretty tiring when i subject myself to all the traveling i have to do going back home for lunch to feed Hariz, it's all well worth it. i leave the office at 12.30pm; buy lunch for my mom, bro and myself; reach home, breastfeed Hariz, pump out the other side; have a hasty lunch; then drive back to the office like a madman, only to reach my desk half an hour later than i should. hubby says i shouldn't be doing this everyday cuz 1. it'll wear me out, 2. other staffs will 'pandang slack' and that'll prevent me from building good rapport with them which will work to my disadvantage. so he has a point.. i'll only go home during lunch every other day or at least twice a week..or, on Fridays only(longer breaks)..


Sherin Almashor said...

An update! Yea.... I miss reading your blog Az. How is sweet little Hariz? Wow, u sound so bz. That is also true, nanti u get burned out. Hariz needs his mother to be in good health on order to take care of him. :)

Take care Az! Pls kiss Hariz for me..

azrina said...

Thanks Sherin:D Hariz is doing well. Infact, i think he's already developed his own set of vocab! Yeah.. i feel burned out already. More of that in my nxt entry perhaps;)

Sherin Almashor said...

Selamat Berpuasa to you and family, Az!
I am glad that Haris is doing well.:)

azrina said...

Thanks Sherin! Happy Fasting to you and your family too;)