Friday, August 11, 2006


Reading Sherin's blog always has this 'disney' effect on me. i crave to have family momments like hers. i guess my time will come soon. when hariz is abit bigger we'll go on a family vacation just the three of us. for now, i crave having a home of our own. staying with my family may have it's extra benefits but it makes my hubby cranky and spoils our relationship. i want for everyone to be happy.. not just me. i hope they understand that.

i also crave going shopping like i used to. but now with baby on tow. can't wait to take hariz out on his stroller (it's been collecting dust in the store room - thank goodness for the plastic wrap).

i crave eating icecream - am i still not allowed?

what i don't crave:
1. going back to work. - dad says he bumped into one of the bosses from my place of work. he mentioned to my dad that i may be transferred to work under his department which means doing cabinet papers. now if true, that may be a blessing-in-disguise. my current immediate boss has transferred to another ministry and if i were to resume my current position, i'd be loaded with work. so a transfer may work in my favour afterall..

2. having to answer my honey's 'when are we going to move-out' question.. he wants to move to subang. my mom wants us to move in my kajang appartment once it's completed. i'm, once again wedged in the middle.

ok, i'll stop short here. need to nap before hariz wakes up for his next feed - i love being a milk machine!


Sherin Almashor said...

*smiling sheepishly* You make me shy la, Az. I didn't know my blog has that kind of effect on you? Just you wait, when Hariz is a toddler he will demand that you take him out! :)
Family vacations are always great. You will definitely enjoy it. It will be tiring too but the smile on your child's face will make you feel so happy despite rasa nak pengsan.

Of course, masa pantang you need the help so it will b best to stay with family but sooner or later, you sendiri akan nak duduk rumah sendiri. I was like that when I had Em but I had to stay with my MIL because my mother had passed away. So, my MIL took care of me when I was dalam pantang after having Em. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me. But after a while I wanted to take care of my baby sendiri, my own way.hehehehehe.. So we moved back to our house.

Take care!Please update me about Hariz's check up after the 21st.

azrina said...

Hehe.. I'm just being very honest la Sherin;) I'll update on the check up nxt week ok.. hey, nxt week dah habis pantang!! yay!

naz said...

Hi Kak Na,

I hope you're alright. Your entries seem a lil blue of late... how's little Hariz's condition? I pray that things go well for you.

Sometimes when things are in the rough for me, I count my blessings. It doesn't sort out everything but it gives me a more positive outlook. Maybe it'll help you a lil. Take care oke new mommee? Heheh.

P/S: When do I get to see cute Hariz's picture???

azrina said...

Hi Naz,
Thanks for the tip. It took abit of sorting out, but things are looking better now:), though i still have this breastfeeding issue at hand..

Hariz's picture? Check out my hubby's friendster. My digicam is full of Hariz but i have yet to upload them (need assistance from the bros / hubby).

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