Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Baby Blues

Haven't updated my blog for awhile. Have been having earaches for the past few days. Hubby's been having neurological migrains but he's recovering. As for me, the ENT doc gave me a bunch of antibiotics. I'm too wary to eat it, despite the doc's assurance that it won't be too strong on baby. But u can't really be too sure about that. Baby's due in a month's time. So can't take any risks.

I've doing diaper business. it's just for fun and also to cut cost on diapers for my own baby. i found this malaysian forum and got to know a few imported diapers stockist. now i'm promoting this line of diapers to friends. if only i could still drive, i'd be delivering diapers right now.. Got MC for two days. but staying at home makes me restless, though i prefer it to going to work.

Have also been reading this religious/motivational book called "Janganlah Bersedih: Jadilah Wanita Yang Paling Gembira".. and it's wonderful really. Just the right amount of advice without being preachy. I'm having the baby blues.. Need to practise hypnobirthing and psyche myself/ prep up in preparation for the birth of our baby.


Sherin Almashor said...

Hi Azrina,

PLs check ur email. I sent you something.

Btw, what is this diaper biz all about?

I hope ur ears are not hurting anymore. kesian u. I, myself had several cases of nose bleeds whilst pregnant with my son. And of course, migrains..Aduh... :(

I hope that ur hubby will get better soon,too. What is the diff between migrain and neurological migrains?

azrina said...

Thanks Sherin:) I've responded to ur e-mail with info on the diaper biz too. I may just come up with a new blog on this diaper thing. But probably during confinement.

Yeah.. I had nasty nose bleeds too. What are the causes? Hot weather probably? My ear still aches..

As for neurological migrains. They occur when your arteries's similar to having a minor stroke but less serious. My hubby felt numbness on the whole left half of his face. His left eye went blury and he had painful one-sided headache. If there were blood clots then it would have indicated a stroke. But not in his case. The doc put him on medication and he's nearly fully recovered.

Thanks for your concern, Sherin:)

Sherin Almashor said...

Oh my Azrina. Kesiannya hubby you. I do hope that he gets better real soon.. and u too, my friend.

Guess what? I lived in BBB since 1981 sampai I got married. My father still lives thr wt my step mum. My mother passed away 7 years ago. I went to the primary & secondary school at fasa 3 sampai form 3.Lepas tu mrsm. U dah lama duduk situ?

azrina said...

Sherin, I'm sorry about ur mom. I've lived in BBB since 1981 too. Or was it 1982? My parents bought this house at jalan 2. And we'll still be staying with my parents until after i habis pantang. But thing is, I never went to school here. My dad dulu serve kat foreign minstry so kitorg selalu je posting oversea. Bila balik malaysia pun I attended British School (Alice Smith). But then masa form one, my parents sent me back here so that i can catch up on BM, Agama etc.. It was then that I attended MYPM Bangi until form 3. After that, it was MRSM Muar. Which MRSM did u go to? Sorry, it's a bit lengthy:p