Tuesday, April 04, 2006

tsunami wang

after much thought and calculations, i made the decision to buy an e-book called tsunami wang (written by local author). and to think that was my first internet purchase! boy, it was a piece of cake thanks to paypal! so what about this e-book, u must be thinking.. hmm..for one thing, it discusses financial planning which is a topic of interest these days. plus it also shares ideas on money generation! to be honest, i've only reached the middle of chapter 4 and haven't reached that exciting section yet. though i've browsed thru it's contents. but i will in minute, tonite. if only i don't have to attend that dreadful meeting tomorrow morning, i could stay up and read. heck, the book ain't even that long! - 98 pages

hey, if any of you are interested (in the e-book), by all means click on the following link (or copy and paste onto your browser):


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