Monday, March 27, 2006


More books to my collection (purchased from Borders):

1. The Surrendered Wife - Laura Doyle
2. The Magic Seeds - V.S. Naipaul
3. Queen of Dreams - Chitra Banerjee
4. State of Fear - Michael Critchon


:)I'm crazy bout books!! I would have bought more from Borders if it weren't for time constraint(we were hanging around there until nearing closing time). There's this hard cover book by Dean Koontz (who my cousin Atie loves) that I was tempted to buy (for her) which costs a mere RM19.90!! If my son were already born, I would have bought him all those children books also at great discounts!

Funny though - Me buying books at Borders while others swarm the book fair at PWTC. I missed out on meeting Irfan Khairi in person too.. oh well, there's always a next time.

Apart from books, hubby and I have been furniture shopping all over bangi, kajang, puchong and subang. so far, i've managed to purchase the following for our move to subang: carpet (rug type for prolonged wear), lights, fans, water heater, bed with mattress (very cheap from Saujana Prima - sold straight from factory) and a very cute ball-shaped Phillips cd player (now that was pricey despite the size!);)

I'm also eyeing this dining table set (6 seater)- oval shaped table, dark colored solid wood with old fashioned restaurant chairs which mama loves (so i'll get her a pair for the kitchen) only costs RM890 (which is a bargain considering those chairs sell for RM140 elsewhere and are out of production)!!

My hubby's a bargain junkie and now i'm turning in one!! if you must know, previously i would just buy whatever i liked (which i can afford) without going to other shops to make price comparisons. Now it's like: we find something we like - go home to think about it - hunt elsewhere - then only make the decision to purchase. the process may be long-winded but it's worth the effort and fun too! not to mention absolutely satisfying when u spot a bargain (wink-wink)!!;)

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