Saturday, June 11, 2005

La Di Da..

i've cancelled my plans to watch mr & mrs smith to make way for 'Konsert Akademi Fantasia '. the thing about AF is that it makes u wanna scurry off to enrol urself in vocal classes with hopes that u too can sing just like the best of those contestants.. it's my secret wish too - to enrol for such lessons! hahaha *blush*

i used to be able to sing.. but past incidents have caused my throat chakra to be blocked and now i'm working on clearing it based on tips i received from a crystal healing practisioner. i used to be able to speak my mind too without being fearful of other people's reaction.. i'm working on that as well.. i feel like there's so much of me that needs improvement.. i want to be the best of who i can be.. i can be it.. only i hold the key to this 'great potential' in me..

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