Sunday, January 30, 2005

yay!! my new blog!!

hehehe! tis is great! i finally have my own space.. feel like a 'real' writer already.. hmm.. firstly, introduction.. hello, my name's azrina... too boring.. actually, i'm at work right now, trying to fill my time constructively as all tasks have been completed. phew! what a relief!

my body's aching all over from yesterday's gym work out, but i feel great! my body has exert itself (although not to the max) and now i can actually feel muscles developing in my arms (if that's the correct term)!! yay!! i'm becoming fitter and healthier every single day (that's what tony buzan taught me in his book, "Head Strong"! i've read 3/4 of the way so that's what i'll do after this, continue reading).

the gym (it's a women's fitness centre) i went to yesterday was fabulous:) lovely atmosphere, friendly instructors and i love the hydrolic equipments!! it's not one of those machines where u have to adjust the weights.. these machines are tailored for women(i.e. not too tough nor strainful on female muscles but just enough pressure to give you a complete work out!). there are enough machines to work out and tone down your whole body and you come out of the gym feeling totally refreshed, vibrant and cheery!! love it! love it! love it! also should mention that it's a free one-week trial that i went to.. so easy on the pocket!

now my question is whether i should take up the one year membership and pay up the monthly fees or not. payments have to be in the form of a standing order.. so it's a big commitment.. hmm.. don't wanna get into a fight with my hubby over financial issues.. eventhough it's concerning my hard-earned money, still, as the man of the house, he's got some say.. after all, when i'm in a tight position, he's gonna have to chip in for me.. but then again, for the sake of my health.. not that i'm not skinny enough already ( i'm 158cm and weigh 42kg:D).. i just wanna be healthy and fit! arrghh!! i shall be rich.. i shall be rich.. one day..

now that's my dream.. to become rich.. as an entrepreneur.. ooh yoga class..yup the one year membership includes free yoga classes twice weekly.. how tempting! if only they accepted credit would solve everything! **sigh** but i'm still happy n bouncy and cheerful today despite everything (there's nothing to be upset about!)!'s saturday, yet i'm working..

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